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The kidneys are 2 bean-shaped organs that sit just below your ribs toward the middle of your back. They are an incredibly complex and efficient filtration system, removing waste from our bloodstream in the form of urine. Kidneys also secrete hormones to help control blood pressure and make red blood cells. Unfortunately, the kidneys can be susceptible to illness.

Issues that we treat:

Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are collections of mineral crystals that form in kidneys. Dehydration and poor dietary habits are the biggest risk factors. Sometimes stones become large enough to block the flow of urine from the kidney. This can be very painful. We treat stones with medication, sound waves, endoscopy, and laser treatment. We also educate patients on lifestyle changes to minimize stone recurrence.

Kidney Tumors

Kidney tumors are growths inside or on the surface of the kidneys. Many of these are found incidentally when patients undergo abdominal imaging. Sometimes kidney tumors are cancerous. They are treated with surgical removal of the kidney or just the tumor itself (kidney-sparing surgery). These procedures are done through an incision or laparoscopically depending on the size of the tumor.

Kidney Obstruction

The tube that drains the kidney to the bladder is called the ureter. Sometimes this tube can become blocked by stones or scar tissues, resulting in obstruction of the kidney. This condition requires prompt treatment to avoid permanent damage to the kidney. Treatment may involve ureteral repair or placement of a temporary tube in the ureter (stent) to allow the kidney to drain.